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I am awaiting a Caspian commander frame for my next full house build. I would gladly wait another 5 weeks. Caspian's stuff is that good.

One thing you may or may not know is that Caspian makes parts (including slides and frames) for other name maufacturers. Gary once told me he tries to keep 80% completed frames on the shelf so that when you order one all they need to do is pull it off the shelf and modify it to your specs.

Given the popularity of Caspian's frames and other parts and their large contracts 5 weeks isn't out of line. I guess they could pump them out faster but that might lead to some QC issues. The one thing that adds to that time is a custom serial number. The finishing work on the frame is done in one area of the factory and then the frames that need a custom serial number are sent to a different part of the plant. Special serial numbers get run on Fridays. If the frame isn't there by thursday then it won't get the serial number until the following friday.

IMHO it is a very small price to pay considering the quality of the product and the price they charge for it.
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