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ScottsGT said:
Wow, what a shock when I ordered my first Caspian frame. I'm taking the plunge into assembling my first 1911 (not A1) from parts Dad had from one of his old 1911's. Ordered the frame with custom numbers, Dads initials and DOB. I was hoping to have it for a Christmas present, but with the 5 week wait and my inexperience, it might have to wait until May for his birthday.
Does Caspian mine the steel and melt it down to make each frame as they are ordered, or are they just that busy turning out frames and slides?
The manager at the factory says,

"Hey everybody! Turn off the TV! Scott called and wants a
custom frame! Someone help me turn on this CNC machine.
He will picking it up at the second drive-thru window.
Did he want fries with that?"

Scott, seriously. No harm no foul. But you did learn a lesson about
manufacturing businesses. They always staff to a level so as never
to have anyone standing around waiting for something to do.

Try to order a non-custom .308 rifle barrel from Lilja or whomever.
Can be 6-12 weeks. Look at a fiberglass stock from McMillian: 12 weeks.

5 weeks is not bad at all.

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