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Why flatten a slide stop pin?

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I was reading a article tonight and they were talking about the SA Profesional model. In it, they stated that the "right side of the slide stop pin if flat where it normally protrudes from the frame, with a countersink around the slide stop hole." Any particular reason for this that anyone can think of? is this just to make it slicker as far as protruding surfaces? Any drawbacks or advantages? just curious
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I have never seen a 1911 frame cracked at the slide stop hole but I have heard of it. What have you seen?

Most cracks occur at the dust cover just under the front of the frame rail on the left side. Some say it's due to dust cover flex over time. It is a self-limiting crack which stops on its own after about 3/16". I have had two very high use frames do that and had them welded up successfully.

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"The only problem with the Valtro set up is that they shortened the slide stop pin too
much, now the end sits at the bottom of the chamfer and totally defeated its purpose."

My Valtro is fine. The slide stop pin is recessed slightly but I can easily push it enought to get a grip on it to remove it from the left.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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