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Why flatten a slide stop pin?

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I was reading a article tonight and they were talking about the SA Profesional model. In it, they stated that the "right side of the slide stop pin if flat where it normally protrudes from the frame, with a countersink around the slide stop hole." Any particular reason for this that anyone can think of? is this just to make it slicker as far as protruding surfaces? Any drawbacks or advantages? just curious
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I like to do it because it looks nifty. It also indicates that a custom touch has been applied.The Big Guy pistolsmiths are getting desperate now to do new and wonderful things to a weapon has been around for 90 years and works pretty good for it's intended purpose right out of the box with GI Hardball ammo. We now have the scallops, the fish scales, the various kinds of machine work which is wonderful and requires very high levels of skill to execute, but adds very little to the practical aspect of the finest fighting hand gun there is . I really love the stuff these guys do now. They are the cat's meow! Keep up the good work!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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