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Why flatten a slide stop pin?

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I was reading a article tonight and they were talking about the SA Profesional model. In it, they stated that the "right side of the slide stop pin if flat where it normally protrudes from the frame, with a countersink around the slide stop hole." Any particular reason for this that anyone can think of? is this just to make it slicker as far as protruding surfaces? Any drawbacks or advantages? just curious
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I disagree.

After all, very few 1911's, even custom ones have a detented slide stop.

Many 1911's have slide stops that can be pushed out inadvertently becaue of wear on the top of the slide stop tab.

Also, it is a bad place to put your finger in the "ready" position, as Hackathorn
claims to have seen many malfs in training classes from that.

It is also the place most people lay their index finger when clearing a malfunction.
Under stress, it can induce a lock-up if the pin is pushed out, yadda yadda.

Cosmetically, I like it. I also like the other pins flattened as well. A little bit cleaner in my estimation.

no one ever needed a "speed takedown" of their 1911. This is another little mod that in my opinion sets the masters apart from some of the other pistolsmiths.
But hey, to each his own.
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