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Why I No Longer Own A 9MM

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What a day!!! Set up the Projector for .45ACP. Forgot to change to the large primer cup. #$%@ Dumped a full tube of primers all over the floor. *&^@! Missed a 9MM case inside a .45 case and break the decapping pin. Empty the measure and go sit in front of the TV. Today must be my "dumb as a box of rocks" day, as CMSGT Klien used to say.

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I'm with you Eddie! Not only do I sometimes have the same problems, but then you have to sort the 9mm casings from the .45, change tooling on my machine, order different components, shoot both calibers to stay proficient, buy another holster rig, etc. I'm getting rid of my 9mm and sticking with my .45, one press always set up, one kind of powder, one kind of brass, and one kind of gun (1911) to stay familiar with. I have to stick with the KISS system or I end up having a "dumb as a box of rocks day" also.

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