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Why I No Longer Own A 9MM

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What a day!!! Set up the Projector for .45ACP. Forgot to change to the large primer cup. #$%@ Dumped a full tube of primers all over the floor. *&^@! Missed a 9MM case inside a .45 case and break the decapping pin. Empty the measure and go sit in front of the TV. Today must be my "dumb as a box of rocks" day, as CMSGT Klien used to say.

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Originally posted by Houston1944:
You think you are having problems mixing 45 and 9mm. Our local range now has a few shooting the 9x18 and leaving their brass. Try sorting out the 9x18 from your 9x19!! These old eyes cannot spot one inch much less one millimeter.
Oh man can I sympathize with that!!! I always manage to get one of two Makarov's in with my Luger brass no matter how careful I am.

What is neat though is on my Dillon 650 the 9X18 doesn't bell so the bullet falls over on the upstroke and I catch it that way.
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