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Why Just Why?

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Can any one here tell me why a companys like Colt, or Spingfield, can't just make a M1911A1. What i'am saying is a (Real) M1911A1, no plastic parts, no integerl locking system, no custom this, no custom that, just a good old M1911A1.
Now i know some one is going to say that Colt is comeing back out with the M1911A1, i know that, but there are only going to be makeing 4000 of them. And at tops only 4000 people are going to be able to have one, that if there is not some guy out there that says hey i think ill buy a 100 of them, then sell then in 10-years.
So if there is any one out there that can tell me why companys like Colt, and Springfield, can't just make a M1911A1 they then plz tell me.
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For the last decade or two, all the public at large has wanted are custom pistols. Mil-spec guns were considered merely base guns for a customizing project. Regarding the plastic/stamped/MIM parts, that's simply a means of bringing the cost of the gun down to reasonable levels. The 1911 has never been an inexpensive pistol to produce. The fact that the all-steel "new" M1911A1 will run close to $1K is an indication.

However, I suspect there is light at the end of the tunnel. There has been a noticeable resurgence in the popularity of GI-style 1911s, enough so that genuine examples are becoming quite pricey as the demand goes up. I don't think it'll be long before new production guns that closely match GI guns in appearance and specs are re-introduced. We already have the M1991A1, Springfield Mil-Spec and Auto-Ordinance WW2 Model, but I think more accurate replicas are in order.
Well, I think some manufacturer could do that but I wouldn't want one and I doubt many other folks would either.

First of all, I already have one. If you shoot it a few times you will find out why a beavertail safety is a very worthwhile enhancement. The sights aren't much either....OK for gut shooting close targets but I haven't had the ocasion to do that. They certainly aren't much on steel plates with eyes over forty.

The flared ejection port is another very worthwhile enhancement for reliability and that spur hammer is sometimes hell on your hands if you shoot it for awhile.

IOW, despite what Jeff Cooper thinks, I think many (Most?) of the enhancements are vast improvements and sorely needed.

About the only ones that are questionable to me are the triggers and slide to frame fit as well as the match barrels and bushings.

My question is, Why are the enhancements that I mentioned any more expensive than the original configuration? I mean how much can it cost to flare the ejection port? How expensive can a decent set of sights actually cost the manufacturer over the originals?

Hand fitting of match barrels, bushings and triggers aside, the other improvements couldn't add much to the cost and they do add quite a lot to the pistol in terms of shootability and enjoyment.

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