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Wife needs a new holster for IDPA

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My wife shoots IDPA with a glock 19.She is using a hellweg holster right now but the gun rides way too high,Practically in her armpit,making draws slow and awkward.

I need suggestions for a holster that will let the gun ride lower and is IDPA legal.

Thanks for your input...
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A Wilson Tactical Assault (Kydex, I use one for my Beretta) or Tactical Practical and it has a ladie's adaptor that drops it about an inch and angles it outward. They have one for her Grock. The holster is about $70, and the adaptor is $12. Good stuff, but not sure if you want to spend that much. It's IDPA legal for women only. Sucks for me because I have a high and small waist (slouched too much as a kid and my legs grew a lot more than my spine did).

Here's a pic, hope this helps, mr Paranoid!
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The women who shoot IDPA at our club use the Ladies Offset from Talon Tactical. They are all very happy with them.

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The Blade Tech "dropped and offset" is very good. I know a couple of ladies that use them.
Thanks for the suggestions!
What are you guys thinking??? If he helps his wife shoot better and like the sport more, pretty soon she will confiscate his gun safe for herself, take all of his toys, and force him to buy ARs in hot pink and those electric blue taurus pistols!!!! Paranoid, here is what you need to do. Take a steel rod and smash the hell out of the muzzle of her Glock. That way her accuracy will go to sh*t and buy you some time to hide all of your stuff. Then get her a nice safe .22 pistol and keep her away from all the fun stuff. Man, I just saved your gun collection!!!!! :) :) :)
Be careful of kydex as it can scratch the finish of your gun. The Wilson kydex is suede lined and will not do so. Not as fast as plain kydex, but doesn't mar the gun. You decide which is most important.
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