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Originally posted by JNewell:
I'm curious...the USGI and commercial equivalents are supposed to be happy only with hardball and equivalent loads, right? Has anyone got experience with the Federal Hydra-Shok 230 gr load?
You shouldn't have any problems, but before you get serious, and start loading this for defensive purposes, you should shoot a few boxes through it, and make sure.

The current style JHP's from most ammo manufacturers have an ogive that is very similar to that of FMJ.

You may need to have some minor tuning done to the ramp, and possibly, have the chamber throated if any inconsistencies develop, but it's not likely to need any work.

Federal's new EFMJ round is certainly an alternative for a bullet style that mimic's FMJ, and reliably expands like a JHP. Might be worth looking at, FWIW...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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