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wilson 10rd mags.

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ok. how many of you guys have had the little tabs break off on these wilson 10rd mags?? anybody know of a fix other than sending them back to wilson? can the tabs be heli-arc'd back on as opposed to the shoddy little spot welds they use?? doesnt matter how reliably they feed if they are prone to breaking, does it.
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I'm sure if you call Wilson, they'll send you a brand new one.
this will be the second mag to break in 2 weeks. i already have one on the way back to them anyway. i paid good money for these mags and now i have to go out of pocket even more to ship them back to be fixed? i guess i have a bit of a problem with that. if i can get them tig welded locally i'm money ahead as far as i'm concerned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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