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Wilson 38 super Mags.

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According to IDPA rules competitors must start out with their guns loaded to capacity. In ESP it would be 10 in the mag and one in the pipe. So heres the problem. When using Wilson 38 super mags,for a 38 super or a 9x23,if you put 10 in the mag its very hard to seat the mag. Second, it puts so much pressure on the slide it can keep it from cycling (instant jam). The obvious answer is to only load 9, but thats not the rule. The guns are ESP with a power factor of 130 running 12-13lb. springs. Any suggestions or am I dreaming the impossible dream?
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I am going to ask you a stupid question, but have you tried shooting the gun with a fully loaded mag? all the single stack 38 super mag I've tried are hard to load in the gun when loaded with 10 rounds, but they functioned without a problem. And i was shooting a IPSC racegun with a 9 lbs spring and shooting 180 power factor.
Well... Kinda...

There are 38 Super mags that hold 9 rounds, and some that hold 10, just like the 45 mags that hold 7 or 8. For CDP, the MAX load is 10+1 rounds, to level the playing field for those who have Hi-Cap pistols with 12, 14, 15, or 17 round mags, etc, they must start with 10, if you have a 40, you will only get 9+1.

Yes, it's true, that the mags must be loaded to capacity, but if capacity means that you can only load 9, then you load 9.

The main point of the rule is primarily for instances where a Tac-Reload is required. Mainly, they want a Re-Load to occur from battery, and not slide lock.

Most courses of fie are based on 6 rounds (18 per string max), because of the revolvers, even though we all run different classes, most course designs are done with the lowest common demoninator.

I'd be willing to bet, like the previous poster that you can still fire with a 10 round load, but it could be tight, sometimes, a spring or follower adjustment makes all the difference... Good Luck!

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