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As I was stripping down mags a few weeks ago, I found that 5 of my Wilson followers had cracked. Shortly thereafter I lost one of them.

I e-mailed them today and asked if I needed to return the 4 I still had in order to get a replacement, and were they under warranty.

I received an answer within 2 hours. Todd informed me my followers were under warranty, and he was shipping out all 5 followers today. If their shipping is as fast a usual, I'll be receiving them within 5 days or so.

I am a happy camper and felt the need to pass this along.

I also sent them an e-mail thanking them for the quick response and excellent service. I got a "you're very welcome" e-mail within minutes.

I can't recommend these folks enough.

Other than Eric the Ammoman, I haven't had this kind of service in a while.
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