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Good morning group Members, 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC. (WC Elite Dealer/Houston, TX based FFL) has several of the brand new 5” version of the new EDC X9L in stock. You may click the links below to view our current inventory.

EDC X9L - Black Armor Tuff, Lightrail, Magwell, Green Fiber Optic Front Sight

EDC X9L - Black Armor Tuff, Magwell, Green Fiber Optic Front Sight

EDC X9L - Black Armor Tuff, Green Fiber Optic Front Sight

If you are not able to purchase one of our initial stock we have many X9L’s in the very first production flight that Wilson Combat will be building. We expect the wait list to increase very rapidly as it did with the first version of the EDC X9. You can go to our website and by clicking the link below you may order one of our production line pistols. This will save you 50-75% of the wait time to get a custom EDC X9L pistol built to your specifications. LINK TO PURCHASE EDC X9L BUILT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS:

Should you have any questions or need assistance please call or email our office. Custom 1911’s are all that we do!

Kind regards,
Adam Fendrich
Owner, 1911 Custom Solutions, LLC.
(832) 387-6003
[email protected]


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