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I began this day off as I do on most days off.......with a 20oz mug of good coffee and a refill.

The highlight of the afternoon was a pitstop at the range for a warmup with a pair of 5" Wilson Combats.....45acp & .38Smoove.

Since my carry gun today was a .45....I opened up with the CQB .45.

Moved on to the X-Tac Elite .38Smoove next.

Figured they were dirty enough for a cleaning.

Always a relaxing way to wind down an afternoon cleaning a pair of gats.

I'm a fan of the rounded gold bead....as is on the CQB.45

I'm also a fan of fiber optic....as is on the X-Tac Elite .38Super

Craptastic left knee was protesting from the long hours at work this past weekend....had trouble getting comfortable standing.....but my grip was improved after my last range session (2011 & P320 X-Five). I made a mental note to strengthen the grip...cover the available real estate the frames offer.

The panels on the X-Tac anchor the gun very nicely...as, surprisingly, the X-Tac frontstrap.

The CQB is like bread & butter with classic grip & frontstrap checkering.

I sucked, however on the trigger press.

I didn't press anything....but jerked it.

If I get the chance to return tomorrow morning I've promised myself to maintain the grip improvement and trigger work.

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Minus the knee pain, a great day!!
Thank you.

It sure was relaxing getting in there and popping off some rounds.

Two great looking pistols! Awesome photography too.
'Preciate it.

Good ole iPhone camera beats anything I've ever used.....granted I've never owned much in the way of a real camera.

It is amazing how handy these cellphones are.

Looks like a good day Dub. I really like my 5” CQB in .45, they are great shooters. Yesterday at a shoot in Ohio they had a segment for rifles, so I shot my 5” CQB while they did that. Jumped in shooting standing freehand @ 25, 38ish and 50 yards on a 8” square steel target. The CQB was certainly doing it’s job for me.
That is some impressive distance shooting.....and in a combat stance and pace.
I'll bet that brought some big grins to you and those watching. I crave some steel to ring. It's been too long.

You can complain all you want - but at the end of the day I have to say, IMPRESSIVE EQUIPMENT AND SHOOTING - as usual. You’re a thinking man’s shooter!!!
Big fun. Thanks.

Going to get on that trigger press and see if I can't make it work out a little better.

I'm laughing heartily at the "thinking man" comment. I've been accused of a pile of things....normally guilty as charged....but never much been associated with thinking. 🤣

I'm 50 and need a new left knee. Knee cap and les side are eroded. Couple of injuries on the job over the years got me. I getch ya. Shooting is still fun for me and luckily range time is a ok on the knee.

I understand those job hazards.

Hope you get all the fun range time you desire. It truly is one of my favorite places to be.

I think I was in my late 40's when the doc said it was time to replace both knees and right shoulder. I've been getting by on Voltaren and well-timed cussin' and just being ornery enough to keep on getting after it.

I'm getting closer to needing to go see that ortho guru again and get on his schedule. Gotta get through this upcoming deer season first.

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The side by side pic of the muzzles really highlights the difference and I also have been stressing the same in regards to my grip. Nice post and contributors.

I shoud've taken side-by-side pics of them after cleaning.

Dub I fought the bad knee issues for many years. Had my left replaced 2 years ago and my right 6 months ago. Probably 2 of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The right still isn’t a solid 100% but it’s getting closer everyday. Looks like a solid day at the range which always makes a good day.

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Very encouraging.

Definielty going to be asking you some questions once I get closer to pulling the trigger. 👍 👍 👍

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Dub - very nice day with two great pistols, and very nice shooting as well. I'm good on an 8" plate to about 35 yards, but have to go to a little bigger target at 50 yds. these days for unsupported pistol shooting. My first Wilson was a 5" CQB, which still is one of my best shooters in my hands, and it was the one I shot my Distinguished Expert qual with 5 years ago. I don't know if I could shoot that today with the diminished strength in my hands, but just like you I keep at it, and have to work on the grip. You did very well with those two pistols, and thanks for sharing.

Thank you.

That is some serious competency demonstrated by you.

I can’t wait until I next visit a range that has steel.

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My daughter is a wholesale coffee distributor, handles many millions of pounds a year. She suggests the Moccamaster coffee machine, which I am using as I type this, really gets the most out of whatever coffee blend one chooses. And my son is a DePuty Ortho Rep, has experince with thousands of knee and hip replacements. Essential to use a doctor that does a lot of these. Me, had both knees done, and it takes about a year before one realizes the full benefit of the repair. My son says hips are pretty uncomplicated, compared to knees. His point is that people with replaced hips never think about it, whereas knee replacements always have some reminder of their metal knees. Rehab is essential to get the fulll benefit of both procedures, you have to push thru the pain of rehab relentlessly. I am a "...been there, done that guy regarding knees..." NV

You, sir, are very timely with this post.

I'm enjoying that little Moccamaster this very. moment.

A few years ago I did some research and bought the #2 highest recommended, the Bona Vita. The heating element didn't hold up over the years. When I recently replaced it....I went ahead and bought the #1 recommendation, the Moccamaster by TechnoVorm.

It's been great.

The knees will be welcome upgrades for certain.

I was hoping to push it to retirement....but it looks like I'll need to make the move well prior.

I need to get in tip top shape prior to scheduling the surgery. Lean and mean.

I'm ready now with the "mean" part. The "lean" aspects will take some doing. 🤣

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I am only a few months into it with this one….it is the smaller 40oz size with the heating disc.

It is a simple coffee machine…..no timers, clocks, auto-start, etc.

It runs fast and a cup is ready quickly. Flavor is great as it brews with consistently hot water. The heating element will hopefully last a long, long time.

My plan was to use this 40oz upstairs in the man cave……but the downstairs unit went haywire and the man cave project was creeping along too slow….

It gives me a good initial 20oz WC mug full and then a 20oz travel cup to hit the road with on work days.

Very pleased thus far.

Low tech, easy to maintain, consistent and hopefully will last a long time performing its job. Not unlike a solid 1911 that has good bones.

I guess my pot is the commander size. :)

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if you can't get the 45 to shoot, just send it over. a cheap easy hand builder is a tennis ball. i'm sure you guys already know that. dub, that super x-tac is something! i'm on the wrong side of the economy now, so no new pistols for awhile, but i gotta get an x-tac!


I was willing to wait a while....and as you mentioned....on the wrong side of the economy, too.

Then WC up and announced the dropping of the .38 Super from their lineup. GRRRRRRRR.....just as I was discovering the virtues of this classic round.

50+ years walking this planet and here I was just discovering this classic gem of a cartridge.

I spoke with George and he felt that he could get a .38 Super build order in.


Light Traffic light signaling device Gas Rectangle

Order placed. 18 months passed.

I am glad I went with the DLC finish on it.

Planning to have much saddle time in the years ahead.

The .38 Super is so smooth and the gun settles back on target instantly. I really wish they'd reconsider dropping the .38 Super.

Over the years I'd heard WC criticized for their misalignment of ball cut with dust cover. People can get really OCD over their guns.

All I can say is they absolutely nailed it for me on this gun. Big grins when it arrived.

I deviated from the X-Tac Elite spec with this slide top treatment. I figured....what the heck, may as well embrace the non-traditional aspects all the way around.


The rounded butt magwell is very, very much to my liking. I think it may be my favorite type. I'll know more as the gun gets some IWB saddle time.

The btgs they used is much to my liking as well. High grip position in paw with smaller footprint for carry ease.

Zero complaints.

Zero regrets.

Now to get some more range time and ensure it continues to run trouble free and tested with carry ammo.

The only thing I've observed thus far was failure to slide lock on empty when using a couple Chip McCormick mags. Zero issues with the WC & Cobra mags.

Also glad I did go with the flat trigger.

I'd sorta resisted doing so in a 1911. Typically have gone with long solid triggers in my 1911s.

The EDC X9 and 2011 flatties had me reconsidering this.....they felt so good.

Figured this gun was very far off the script in terms of "traditional".....so why not try it.

Very comfortable and glad I did so.

I can't see swapping out all my triggers to flatties.....but then again....I've done a pile of stuff that I never thought I'd do. 🤣

Sorry for the longwinded reply.

I'm giddy like a schoolgirl on prom night when I start talking about 1911s.

Gun nerd.....guilty as charged. 🤣

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Gun Nerd...guilty as charged. That right there is funny, as I think many of us here are gun nerds and guilty as charged!
The X-TAC treatment on top of the slide was something they started doing on the Supergrade X-TACs when they added the X-TAC grip treatment and slide cocking serrations to the Supergrades. Mine was the first XTAC Supergrade made, and has the traditional top of slide serrations, with the X-TAC rear cocking serrations and grip treatment, and several months later they came out with the X-TAC in the Supergrade lineup. Congrats on going full treatment on your X-TAC Elite. My Supergrade is in .45 ACP, but my retirement gun that I've posted about before is a comped .38 Super. I agree about how much that comped barrel adds to recovery ability for the next shot, Kudos Dub for getting the .38 Super in the configuration you did, it will be a pleasure to shoot for a very long time. The .38 Super really IS a reloader's dream.

Thank you so much for that insight and vote of confidence.

The first X-Tac Supergrade.......WOW. Now that is really special.

its funny that a several of the best cartridges' are best hand loaded. i'm thinking 44 spl, certainly 38 super, but also in rifle cartridges'. a couple favorites: 45-70 of course, but also the 7x57, and the 358 winchester. i hate to say this dub, but your build is just what i would order. except for sights. and caliber o_O. after all i wouldn't be best45 any more. :ROFLMAO:

Thank you.

It is always a good feel when a fellow gun guy gives you a nod of approval on a new addition. There are a dizzying array of models and options at our disposal....it could be easy to go overboard with stuff.

My goal with my 1911s has been to only add what will stand the test of time.....provide lasting satisfaction.

My 1911 needs & wants are now in balance. I'm very grateful. Pretty much in balance on guns in general.

If I am fortunate enough to scratch future 1911 itches..... it will be to take a pair of existing Colt S70's & an older pair of 5" Springfield Armory pistolas and have some custom work done on each. Turn them into something.....more refined and with new internals, Kart barrels, Heinie sights, etc. No rushing to get started....just if and when I decided to add something else.

Dub, amazing post. Amazing photography!

Thanks, man.

What is funny is that I'm only using a cellphone camera. It is unreal what the iPhone camera can do.....I'll bet I haven't scratched the surface. I simply take the pic and possibly crop the image....done. There are a pile of other edit options that can be used....filters & such.

Looking at the pics I realize just how dusty my gun rags must be. :ROFLMAO:
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