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Wilson mag conversion, need help

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Just received my 7 round to 8 round conversion kit. One end of the spring appears to be angled differently, meaning it sticks out farther from the rest of the coils. Which end goes under the follower?
Thanks for your help.
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For my wilson .38 Super mags, the end with that only has 1/2 of the coil(Not sure about the correct term) is the follower end.
WP, thanks for the reply.
I should have mentioned mine are .45 acp.
Both ends are "half coiled"?
Meaning both ends of the spring are angled, one more than the other. Monday I'll call Wilson's for help. Thanks again.
The end of the half-coil that is more rounded goes against the baseplate. The end that looks like it's been straightened goes against the follower. If you put it together wrong, the tip of the rounded half-coil can protrude through the slide-lock hole in the follower.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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