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Wilson Magazine cleaning

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I searched for this, but I could not find the answer...

The Wilson website says that the baseplates on the 47D mags are removable.

Do they slide towards the front or back?

How much force does it take? I tried it and they would not budge, but I did not force too much cause I didn't want to break them.

So... does anyone have any tips on how to go about disassembling and cleaning them?

I have shot about (900/3= 300 rounds through each of them. I don't think I need to clean them now, but I would like to be prepared.

I guess I am also taking a break from doing 3 page long Diff Eq problems.

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Yea, but aren't dif eq problems fun to do. OK, maybe not so fun when everyone else is hanging out and your girlfriend decides to go home before you can take her. I should know, I struggled with that becoming an engineer.

The Wilson mags should bw easier than diff eq. You may want to call Wilson Combat.

Good Luck!
Looking at the bottom of the magazine you will see a "button" in the center of the base pad, depress this "button", slide the base pad toward the front of the magazine and it will come off, don't lose the piece with the "button" as it holds the baseplate in place.. Pull the spring and follower out of the bottom of the magazine.

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