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Wilson Mags won't fit!

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I recently decided to buy a pair of 8 round Wilson mags after all the good things I've heard about them and discovered they won't go into my Kimber Stainless Pro Carry! They literally won't lock into the mag well. Other Kimber owners don't seem to have this problem. Can anyone tell me what's up? Thanks
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I realize that you said you bought 8 round Wilsons.....but are you sure? I only ask because I recently moved and wanted to go shooting (to try out my newly acquired Kimber Pro Carry in Stainless). I'm a big fan of Kimber, but not their sights or magazines. So I grabbed a couple of mags that looked about right and voila! they wouldn't lock in the magwell. I couldn't believe it at first....my other Kimbers are so tight and wonderful...now
I have a piece of junk. Well, my fears were later laid to rest as I discovered (when I picked up my Kimber Compact) that the magazines in question fit it. The fact that I was still in transition of the move meant that I hadn't sorted the magazines with the guns and thus didn't know who fit what. Try your magazine out on a compact frame (Colt Officers', Kimber Compact, Colt 1991A1 Compact). If it fits, you don't have a problem (other than someone sold you some poorly labeled magazines). YMMV
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Pointman, jscottp might be right...I ordered the wrong mags from Wilson for my Ultra Carry and they didn't fit...Called Wilson to make sure...Nice people..They set me straight and immediately sent me the right ones before I mailed back the wrong ones....
Thanks for the insight. You're both right. I didn't really check to see if the mags were for a smaller weapon like an officer's. This is good news since I didn't yet buy the mags and still want to get Wilson's. S/F
Wilson has the best customer service around. And they actually answer email! Call them. They will help you. You can order direct off their web site.
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