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Wilson mags

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Have I mentioned that I love the wife?? She went out and bought me two Wilson 7-rounders for my Kimber. I'll be trying them out while I'm back on vacation this time, and will let y'all know how well they work. The only downside to em I see, is that I've heard the the plastic follower can get chewed up by the slide stop. Either way, expect a range report in about 6 weeks...

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That probably depends on the gun.

One thing that IS true - with the Wilson in there and a good slide stop there is no way that slide stop is going back down against the follower, the way it wedges in.

However, if someone REALLY tried to close the gun with the empty mag in there, I can see that chewing up the follower as the follower wont' tilt. But there's no reason to close on an empty anyway.

I just got two new wilson mags for my kimber and one of them was fine through the first 400 rounds but the other one needed breaking in. I could hear a loose round in the full mag rattle around until I banged on the table and fired it fully loaded about six times now it works fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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