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wilson or chip mckormick

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which is better for the money
and who's got the best price's on them?
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Which is better for WHAT for the money?

CMC mags are fine for practice mags as far as I am concerned, but I have not had great luck with them for reliability so I don't carry them as defense mags. Other people have found that they work 100% for practice and carry.

Wilson mags are better, IMHO, but cost more. You can sometimes find CMC mags for $12, but the cheapest Wilson mags I have seen are $20-22. That is a sale price, not regular.

Who has the best price? That depends on who is having a sale.
You could do what I did. Start cheap and buy a couple or three. Try them out and if they work, buy more. If not buy more expensive ones.
One thing I've learned is that just because something is more expensive, doesn't mean that it's better. I have 5 Mec-Gar magazines that set me back $12 each. They have base pads and have never failed. I also have 10 of the $8 / copy stainless magazines that are floating around the gun shows now. They have alsways worked as well. I can pay more but 100% is as good as it gets regardless of what you pay. YMMV and probably will.

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Wilson mags are hard to beat,I also have some McCormick mags but I generally just use them to top off during competitions.I think that unless you are just shooting in your backyard and do not care if you have a malfunction, you should get the best mags you can buy.And I doubt that many people will recommend any brand over Wilson. Natchezss.com usually has a good price
thanks for all your advice
...I have been using the McCormick 8 round power mags for the past couple of months...no problems as of yet. I was using
Wilson mags but ran into some problems with the feed lips separating and causing catastrophic failures , i.e. not being able to get the mag out of the gun because the back of the cartridge would get forced up in between the feed lips and get held there by the lips like a wire cutter grabbing each side of the brass. This would leave the nose of the cartridge against the feed ramp and the gun totally locked up! Almost impossible to rip the mag out of the gun and you have to lock the slide back and try to push to cartridge back down and back into the mag from the top. This don't work for me in IDPA or in real life...you are SCREWED big time!

The power mags are built tougher, and so far seem to function better for me. When McCormick first came out with the Power Mag the width of the mag was too wide and wouldn't release properly but they corrected that and they seem to function just fine now.
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CMC 8 round Power Mags are the only ones that would feed the Berry's flat point or round shoulder 200's that I'm using in my guns. Wilson mags were an excerise in frustration. Tree Rat.
I like the CMC mags. I have used 8-rounders and Mag-10's with PERFECT success. Most of my mags are several years old and have had thousands of rounds through them.
thanks for you great input could someone post a link to natchess or someone else who has them I couldn't find them in a search
thanks freebyrd
I have both Wilsons and the CMc power mag. I like the Chip Mags better. I would bet my life on the CMC, Wilsons second. The Power mags on sale at Natchez right now for 16.36 the Wilson goin for six bucks more. Get one or two of each, they are both top notch. www.natchezss.com
If you go the the Natchez web site, the CMC mags are NOT included with all the other magazines.

You will have to select "ALL PRODUCTS" and then run a search on "Shooting Star"
(searching on CMC, Chip McCormick or McCormick will not work).

As of last night, they are out of stock on the 10-rnd. power mag, but the 8-rnd. power mags are in stock.


Sale price is very good -- I've not seen better.
Buy one of each. Shoot them extensively in your gun. Make your choice. Both are good, but I've had better overall luck from gun to gun with the Wilson.
I have two 10 rd CMC power mags that work great in my Kimber. $17.95 @ www.cheaperthandirt.com

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Both work fine for me...

I have used a batch of 9 CMC mags since shortly after they came out. They have worked fine in IPSC and IDPA competition and in various classes. I have since replaced the (well used) springs with Wolf. I have replaced the bumpers with Pachmayer bumpers.

Lately I purchaded some CMC "Match Grade" mags and they worked well (through a very rainy, mudy, 1000 round weekend class). The finish is better than the standard CMC mags. I like them.

I have not tried the CMC "Power Magazines" yet.

I also have a bunch of Wilson 47Ds that have functioned very well, too. They are much easier to clean (we do clean our magazines, don't we :D ) than the CMCs. I like the Wilson 47Ds, also.

I have had trouble with several of the CMC 10MM mags that I have, but I have found that .45 ACP mags feed 10MM just fine (in 1911s).

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Just ordered (3) 8 round CMC Power Mags from Natchez for $16.36 Each.
I hope the CMC mags work in my Kimber, supposedly it is what whas shipped with the gun. I just ordered five of them for 9.99 each from CDNN.
I've had great luck with the Power mags. I saw the plastic follower on the Wilson magazines, and wasn't impressed.

My vote is for CMC Power Mags
Wilson mags - # 1
I have been using the McCormick Power Mag for several years and have yet to have any kind of failure. I sure cant say the same for the Wilson's. I sold all the Wilson's and bought more Power Mags, life is good.

The Power Mag is not the same as the Shooting Star. The Power Mag is an 8 round mag with a base pad and is all stainless and all steel follower.
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