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Wilson Protector from 2000. The barrel bushing is almost welded on

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I purchased a Wilson Protector new in 2000. It's very well made, and very accurate. The trigger is great. It has around 500 rounds through it.
It's long time since I field stripped it. I do remember the bushing being extremely tight years ago.

Today, I had to tap the bushing out of the slide with an aluminum rod. Reassembly was a real pain. I'm removing the full length guide rod and going with the standard parts just to make it easier to fieldstrip. I actually used help to hold the plug while I turned the bushing with the plastic tool .

Is this normal? It probably is, and is one thing that makes it accurate
Is the Wilson barrel slightly tapered larger on the muzzle end ? I think it must be.
Do I lose accuracy getting rid of the full length rod?

Armor Tuff chips too easily. Just the brass exiting the ejection port chips it.
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I'd take the empty slide and install the bushing with some toothpaste on it. Then wotk the bushing with your wrench. Remove the bushing clean and repeat several times. Then reclean the parts and oil the bushing and work it again several times. The minor lapping will ease service in the future but not add any measurable clearance effecting accuracy. After any field or detail strip add a bit of oil to the bushing. The full length guide rod does not add any accuracy.
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Yeah, that is too tight, I don't think even target models are Armstrong/strongarm tight any more.
Caution, do not horse the bushing around with the slide in battery; if the bushing is tight on the barrel, too, it can gall an actual working surface.
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Sometimes is the grease on the bushing that after cooling it ties up the bushing, next time you are at the range, try to remove it while is hot, just for the hell of it, and please report back
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Is the Wilson barrel slightly tapered larger on the muzzle end ? The bushing will turn by hand towards the middle of the barrel, but will not at the muzzle
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I’d bet the Wilson Barrel is necked down about 1/2” or so from the muzzle.
would Wilson fix the fit for free after this many years?
You have an awesome firearm from a quality company . Part of that value is their backing. Now time for you to give them a call. Explain EVERYTHING to them and ASK every question you have.
You will come away a better informed owner. Betting you will be more satisfied too.
Hey one of the things about WC is their warranty! Regardless of whether WC fixes it for free you might want to tell them your actual experience with it. My one buddy owns a number of WC guns and he thinks the sun rises and sets on them. They make a great product and letting them know of your experience makes them aware of something which might get you your desired result or help a future or existing customer.
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