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I am very interested in purchasing the Wilson Stealth Defense System (SDS)but have not read too much about it in this forum. Can anyone tell me how they like (or dislike) their SDS? I would like to use the SDS in various shooting events. What events can you use it? Thanks for the help.

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I retail the Wilson line as well as many of the other custom and production 1911.

The comments from the buyers of the SDS system were all positive and no negative.

You did mention that you intended to use the gun in some "competitions" in your area.

Please check the rules for the competitions on coned or bull barreled guns as this is a SDS and unless IPDA rules have changed a bull barrel is allowed in 4 inch only and a coned barrel such as is on the Stealth is not.

I hope this helps.

Be safe and keep the brass flying

Terry Peters


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