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I had to comment on this posting.About 6 weeks ago I had some spare time so I called Bob to see what he might have. Lo and behold he had 2 of the KZ-45's which I had been contemplating,in addition to others.I had never looked at the Wilson's before, but after meeting Bob and mulling around in his store for a couple of hours I knew I just had to have one of them. To his credit, without ever having laid eyes on me before, he held one back for me with just $30 down on it.I only told him I would be back for it as soon as I was able.Needles to say that was 2 days later
and he even knocked off $10 to defray gasoline costs..While I was there, I asked him if he had thought about using the internet to increase his Wilson business, but he said he wasn't computer savvy. Anyway, I definately WOULD recommend giving Bob a call..he's a hell of a nice guy
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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