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Wilsons questions

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I'm curious how much improvement in mag function I can expect by installing Wilson followers and springs in my Defender mags. It appears that the Colt and Chip McCormick 7 rounders I got with the gun are hanging up on the mag release when I try to seat an unloaded mag. Since the Wilson follower is differently shaped I'm hoping it will not have the same problems. But I don't want to spend $26 to find out when I can order the spring and follower for $4.95. Also, I read somewhere that there is no shipping added to the Wilson site prices? If that is so I'll be able to order several sets from them for what I thought I would have to spend for one. Thanks guys.
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I am not sure putting Wilson parts into other brands mags will necessarily work right. It could work great or not worth a darn.

And nope, Wilson does not charge shipping on their orders, but I don't know if there is a minimum or not.
I've installed Wilson springs and followers in my "Other than Wilson Mag Bodies" with very little noticeable improvement.

The feed lip design is one of the unique features about the Wilson mags. When you hold one side to side with another maker, you'll see the difference.

I've used them for 21 years and over 100,000 rounds without a Mag. related malfunction out of 4 different pistols. It just doesn't get better than that!

I know their expensive, but they are worth it. At a minimum, I would own 2 for personal defense when 2nd rate won't due.

Just my "Passionate" .02 cents worth.


"Make the First Shot Count"!
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Wilson Combat is Free-shipping for orders above $50.00.

Thanks and Happy Shooting, Thunder25
The 7-round Wilson magazines are 100% reliable in the Combat Commander and the Goverment Model. I wouldn't use any other magazine for defense.

Also, the Wilson mags are easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenence.
Scatman, Wilson Mags (especially 7rnds) are the ONLY mag I'd put in a duty/defense weapon. From Thunder Ranch to Larry Vickers (West to East Coast, respectivly). The mags just work. Get the whole deal, not just followers and springs. Stay safe.
I just rebuilt two of my McCormick Shooting Star mags with Wilson springs and followers, and they work better than ever. Used to have a couple of FTF's when using these mags in my Pro Carry, but none since the rebuild.

Give the new internals a try, it may or may not work for you, but it is an inexpensive place to start.

I only use Wilson 8 rounder Magazines...4500 rounds and not one failure....then of course I'm using them in a Wilson Gun.
I put wilson parts in Chip Mccormick tubes after experiencing the problem you described - I had never had a problem before or after, though, with actual ammo.

The wilson's follower made me feel warm and fuzzy about how it jams the slide stop up. I can't even get the slide down on an empty if I try (good).

I believe (whether or not the switch is worthwhile) the Wilson followers work fine in other mags - at least the Chip Mccormicks.

This was officer's mags loaded to 7.

I've found that when there's difficulty removing a CMC mag from a pistol, it's because the follower has over-ridded the slide stop. This can fixed through magazine tuning without replacing parts. I've done it 2 different ways. The first technique I used was simply peening the outside edge of the CMC follower, so there was just a little more engagement with the slide stop. It works, produces an ugly follower, but then I'm the only one who will ever see it. The second technique I've had luck with was to SLIGHTLY bend the front of the mag tube at teh top, forward of the lips. On the right side of the tube, I bend the tube IN very slightly, forcing the follower to the left, into more engagement with the slide stop. Sometimes the left side of the tube requires a slight bend outwards, to allow normal travel of the follower. By slightly, I mean just a few thousandths of an inch. If you can readily see the change with your eyes, it's probably too much. Hope this helps.
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