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Win-Clean Ammo thru Gold Cup

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This weekend, I put 2 boxes of Win-Clean ammo through my Gold Cup (SS). It grouped better with the 180-gr than it did with the 240-gr. No malfunctions with either gr. I took the advice in one of the posts here to re-oil barrel and slide prior to a range session, and since then have not had any stove-pipes. Also, my handguns are probably starting to break-in. Best news of all is how easy the barrel cleaned up with this ammo. PMC and Remington ammo was a nightmare to clean the carbon out after only a 100 rounds or so. The Win-Clean didn't leave this mess. Comments?
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I meant 230-gr...NOT 240 gr
!!!!!Sheez...guess I had better pay attention to what I'm typing!!
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If the grouping is better on the lighter ammo. Maybe you've got the match spring and not the wadcutter spring installed. Try switching and rechecking results.
Redzone...my pistol came with the lighter spring (with the green band on it) installed. I removed that one, and installed what I believe was the stronger spring (no color band) before I ever took it to the range. Also, I meant 185-gr for the lighter load. Man, I didn't get anything right on my post! That's what get for being in a hurry.
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So you had the heavy spring in? Well I saw someone state the slide is lighter and match grade ammo intended. I wish I still had my old Trophy but don't. I feel so wasted as having sold a discontinued model. A flat top S/S and never having fired the darn thing. If I had fired it as I do with my 1 yr. older than me 68 GCNM. It would be 200gr. Winchester ammo. I don't know what winclean is supposed to mean nor care. I just know I stick to my favorite factory ammo. And don't switch unless I get a very big recommendation from other shooters. My GC has one spring and its a heavy one. Has never jammed or showed dislike to any weight or manufacturer i've fed it. And thats how I state any opinions on Gold Cups from the mighty Colt manufacturer. Thanks for the performance stats on yours. Like I said mine does'nt even blink at outshooting its younger and older civilian and military Colt siblings. No matter the weight or distance.
Just to clear up any confusion, WinClean ammo is target ammo produced by Winchester. They feature 'BEB' (Brass Enclosed Base) that is supposed to eliminate lead vapor. As stated in earlier post, my SS Gold Cup ate both 230-gr and 185-gr with no malfunctions, but grouped tighter with the 185-gr. Best of all, however, was how easy the barrel is to clean after shooting this stuff. Has anyone else had hard-to-remove carbon in barrel (right where the rifling starts)?
Redzone: Is the Winchester 200-gr your fav factory ammo for 45 ACP? I'm still trying to find most accurate / best price combo, as I would like to standardize on 1 or 2 ammo-types. Thanks
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