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Winchester front sight removal?

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I recieved my model 70 stainless .375 today, front sight is installed a bit crooked, looks like a screw in rear holding it in, do not see where else it attaches, does not appear to be dovetailed. Any idea how to remove to possibly get a new front sight? The hole for the screw is off center but is in fact drilled straight up and down in the barrel itself. The front sight screw was also loose from the factory, added a small dab of loctite 242 and re tightened, not a whole lot of threads there, surprised they use a carbon steel screw that would easily strip the threads in the barrel if over tightened, I hate tightening small screws like that. I may even try to replace it with an aluminum screw that will not booger the threads as much. Any ideas where else it attaches in the front, I do not see a front screw and with rear removed it still does not feel anywhere close to wiggling.
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The front sight is actually held by two screws, one in the back and one in the front under the dovetailed bead. Drive out the dovetailed bead to expose the second screw, unscrew and voila! It's a shame that most factory open sights are sub par (both in fitting and working). I guess open sight shooting is becoming a lost art though.
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