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Wolf ammo in new Long Slide

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I know many of you are likely aware of this but Ill say it anyhow for whoever is interested.....

I just received a new Long Slide v16. Took it to the range for the first time to 'work' the sights in. I knew I was going to burn 3 or 4 boxes of ammo getting familiar with the gun on the first outing with it. I went with 2 boxes of Wolf .45 FMJ's (solid), a box of PMC's and one other brand. Went with Wolf because its cheap and i felt that it would take 2 boxes just to start to feel the gun and get the sights on the paper.

Every 4 - 5 rounds or so, the Wolf case failed to extract. At first I was thinking extractor tune up, but I persisted through the 2 boxes of Wolfs and came to realize otherwise.

Once I got to the brass cased rounds (PMC and one other) everything was all perfect again. every round fed, discharged, and extracted as expected.

Ive reveived a couple of different thoughts from people about what was happening. Some felt the Wolf steel cases are made larger than brass casing because steel will not expand and fill the barrel like a brass case will. One other thought that the coating they put on the outside of the round played a part in jamming it.

Regardless, Im not goiing to be using that crap ever again. Just wanted to pass along the experience and maybe save someone an hour of grief...

Ill let you know when Ive got my new site up.... www.wolfis****.com


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I bought 900 rounds of Wolf and have the same issue. The stuff does not extract. Luckily one of my guns can handle it. I know some people use this stuff without problem but It's a crap shoot. I have a new Micro Compact that I was able to crank through 100 rounds in one setting with out a failure (Winchester FMJ). I then loaded my Wolf into it and I couldn't even get one round through with a FTE. It was digital so I know it's the ammo. If you have a nice loose chamber your probably fine. I'm going to try S&B next. It seems most are satisfied with it.

I got flagged in a Gunsmith Journal a while back about Wolf ammo jamming in guns. Also, read test results on guns that jam only on it. Numerous posts about problems and how filthy it is. But when I posted the info, I'd always get ripped into by people who like it and some gun range owner who sells a billion boxes a year of it and says he has never seen a single problem. I can't believe people would put that crap in their guns, but it's a free country. Glad your gun didn't get any permanent damage and hope you like it. I'm having a longslide in .40 built for my STI right now and I am really looking forward to shooting it.
I meant to say without a FTE in my previous post. The damned stuff jammed on every friggin round! It's junk!!!


Sometimes a slight wording problem can mean all the different in conveying your thoughts!
I know. I had problems with their .223 ammo in my Mini-14 Ranch. Casing jammed in the chamber and had to bang it out with a cleaning rod.

Dirty as hell too!
I dug up this interesting exchange on Wolf from another board....


Seems as though there are many others who have been up this path with Wolf ammo....

I really like the long slide and the factory porting. Im a bigger guy so the extra size and weight is not as evident of a factor for me. Besides being one of the nicest looking 1911's Ive seen, it has the lightest kick back Ive ever felt in a .45. And, is scary accurate at longer distances. More accurate than Im capable of right now.

Im hesitant to put any sort of optics on it, but it sure would be fun to scope it and see just how accurate it can be from 100+ yards out.


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I bought a case of Wolf .45s and gave allmost all away. The ones I saved I thought I would shoot in my SW 625 w/ moon clips. As soon as the cylinder heats up ( 6 rounds) the cases won't eject until they cool. I think it's either the expansion of the steel jacket or the melting of the lacquer they coat the cases with. I won't use them for anything, and switched to Seiller &Belloit from Natchez. For $1.50 more per box, I think it's a better buy. www.natchezss.com
I chamered a rounds in my Mil Spec Ultra Compact yesterday and it slammed into the chambered and became lodged in there so tight I could not retract the slide. This caused me to have somewhat of a major crisis as I had a live round in the chamber and had to force the slide back in a very forceful manner. Don't use this crap in your 1911. Maybe some other looser guns it is OK. This is the second time I have had a potential for major damage caused by this ammo.
To "work the sights in," try Federal Gold Match ammo. It is expensive, but extremely accurate. I bought my SA Long Slide (not ported) last month and started using PMC to zero the pistol. I was getting 10" groups at 15 yards and they would land low and to the left regardless of sight changes.

After shifting to the Federal, I am getting sub-2" groups at 50 feet and at the point of aim.
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