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Wolff's 1911 Mag

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Has anyone tried the new Wolff's 1911 magazines?

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I am also interested in knowing. Check them out at www.gunsprings.com, push the "New Products" button. Sam
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I love mine. I've got a colt with a officers slide/lightweight full size gripframe. It came with 2 McCormick/Colt 8 rd mags. Had a lot of FTFs(rounds stuck about 45 degrees to bore centerline and nosedives)probably 1 every 20 rounds +/- and that wasn't even loading the mag full.I got a 24lb wolff recoil spring to slow the slide down which helped a little I think, but still no good. I called Wolff tech dept about replacing mag springs with their "5%extra".Dave said it's kinda hit and miss trying to get short slides to feed reliably off 8 rnd mags.He suggested a their new 7rnd extra power mag.I got one and its been about 240 rnds without a hitch, and all have been starting from full mags,use slide release, top off mag,shoot empty.Slide stop worked every time.I guess you could say I love mine so far.
I recall reading that Wolff introduced their new 1911 magazines to make a statement.

Notice that they are not offered in an 8-round version.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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