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Wood Grips for Colt Series 90 DA Officers?

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Picked up a nice Colt Series 90 DA Officers today. A bit dirt and scratched but it will be a shooter.

Anyway, I really perfer wood (or other) grips rather than the cheapy plastics. Tried the usual sources, (Hogue & Eagle) and they do not make them. Anyone make grips for the DA Colts?

Also, does this pistol hold the slide opened after the last round. The one I have does not seem to even though it has a Colt mag.

Thank you in advance!
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I've seen a set of custom-made grips that had a metal "frame", with wood inlay, or applique, and they looked great, but the guy who made them wasn't interested in tooling up to make them, unless he got an overwhelming response; so many years after the gun was discontinued, it's unlikely they'll be made any time soon. I'm not aware of any commercially made wood grips for the Double Eagle.
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