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(not posted in previous area for obvious reasons)
Just returned from Ed's Gun Shop in Vass, NC. They are great people to deal with. Even after having the gun held for 4 days, he even let me look at low priced used guns, without any over-pressuring sales tactics. I even had my four children with me, all under 8. Great place and SUPER prices on just about everything in the store. Well, enough of plugging Ed's. This PX9152L model is a work of art. Being my first 1911 model pistol I am just flabbergasted. I couldn't leave the store however without putting a set of Hogue grips on her. The factory ones were just way too narrow. I do have a few questions though.
1. Are they all this tight?? I mean, the ambi-safety takes a little work to engage, disengage.
2. Will the 10-round mags from Springfield fit this gun?
3. Are all 1911 alike/interchangeable?
4. When the slide is back and locked, should the trigger be a little loose?
5. What should I clean the gun with after shooting? Some have said the 'black' on these guns are sensitive.
- I could go on, sorry guys, I am just very excited. I think I am truly hooked on 1911's now.Thanks again for all your info.


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