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Would You Send It Back?

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I just ordered a Kimber Custom II. I didn't examine it that closely at the shop, but when I got it home and diassembled it, I noticed the following issues:

Small Cosmetic problems - small sliver of material missing in grip safety that creates a slight gap between the frame the safety. Another small sliver missing from the mag release (on the allen screw side), which also creates a slight gap. Finish on rear of ejector and right side of front sight dovetail is very worn.

Firing pin has some rough edges, and the bottom of the extractor claw has an extra groove cut half-way in it.

I will probably send it back for Kimber to correct. On the bright side, I was thrilled with the slide/frame fit, as well as the barrel and bushing fit. Once I get my problems ironed out, I think I will really like this pistol. Thanks.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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