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Originally posted by SMOKE:
I have a Springfield 90's Edition 1911 that came with two mags that are marked on the floorplate with "SA45MN" and have what appears to be a "shooing star" with the small word "Patented" on the follower.

It also came with another mag that is marked on the floorplate with "COLT 45 AUTO" along with a "M" in one corner and the "Hartford Horsey" near the front.

The mags have differences in their followers and lips. My questions are,

1. Which is preferable for my weapon (I assume the originals are), and why the differences?

2. I would like to have another SA mag or two and would like to trade off the COLT. Is the COLT worth more, like two for one, or are they even value?

I am good at value on some other weapons and accessories but am at a disadvatage here and dont what to be taken or take. Your help and knowledge is requested....

The Chip Mccormic Shooting Star mag is the factory 1911 mag for springfield. I just toss all my 1911 mags into a bag, and buy Wilson 8 rounders for shooting and carry. I take my other 1911 mags out rabbit hunting and if I drop one at night and cant find it oh well, or if someone needs another 1911 mag here go through the bag untill you find one that works in it.

After years of playing around with 1911's I must have 70 or so mags of diff makers, but buy Wilsons for carry and IDPA.
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