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WTK: The fair price for a used.....

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blue Colt Series 80 MK IV Gold Cup 45- 45ACP w/ 2 mags and apporx 500 round thru it.

Not familiar w/ Colt 1911s yet so any recommendations and suggestions of a different models are welcome. Being in Ca. I am limited to SB15 http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/certlist.htm list for new guns unless it is a local private party transfer.


A. Reyes
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If it is in like-new shape I'd say about $700 maximum. Prices vary by region, and if you lived on the East coast you could probably find one for $100-$150 less.

D. Kamm
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I agree with dsk. In my neck of the woods (mid-west) it would move fairly quick at 550. If you waited, it would eventually sell for 700 (with box, papers, etc). HTH

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