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Q- Which 1911A1 manufacturer was awarded 3 Army-Navy "E" awards from May 1944 to close of production in 1945?

A - Remington Rand!

I happened to stumble across the actual award pens with the message that was included from the Presisdent of the United States (FDR).

The criteria the recommended plant had to meet to receive this award consisted of the following determining factors; 1. excellence in quality and quantity, 2. overcoming production obstacles, 3. low rate of absenteeism, 4. avoidance of work stoppages, 5. maintenance of fair labor standards, 6. training of additional labor forces, 7. effective management, 8. record on accidents, health, sanitation and plant protection, 9. utilization of sub-contracting facilities, 10. cooperation between management and labor as it affected production and 11. conservation of critical and strategic materials.

Nominations for the award were the responsibility of the technical services of the Army Service Forces, the Army Air Forces, the Bureaus of the Navy Department, the Coast Guard, or the Marine Corps, whichever had the largest contractural interest in the plant. Thus if the Army had the largest interest, it would recommend the plant. Once a plant had earned the award were at liberty to make use of the award insignia in their publicity and advertising. They could aslo continue to fly the Army-Navy "E" pennant after the war. The employees entitled to receive the award pin continued to wear them after the war ended.

Cheers, Ty
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