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Before I get to the main topic, as a FNG (freakin' new guy), I would like to commend this board and its members for conducting a gun-specific board under fair conditions for all those that enter. I 've hung around for about two weeks and have been impressed
by the way the board has conducted business and by the way the members have entered their opinions in a courteous manner. I have read testy threads and heated arguments, but there doesn't seem to be the clique-ishness of groups of members or the verbal attacking of members on the board. I congratulate the membership on the former and the moderators on the later. Kudos, to both. I am also glad there is a group of 10mm followers.
I thought I was one of the last Mohicans.
This topic is hammered by every newbie that hits this board.
Which one? I located this board during a web search to find info
on a one of the 1911's I was thinking of for Xmas. I entered leaning towards a Kimber Tactical Pro, a SA TRP, or the Wilson
KZ-45. Ten days of research of the threads on this board, has made me make a 180 degree turnaround. ( BTW, I am not a newbie to the 1911) The pack running nose to nose NOW are: (4) 1. Razorback 10mm 1a. DW prototype 10mm 1c. DW .45 prototype 1d. Wilson Kz-45. (prototypes at DW direct)
The Dan Wessons have made the appearance on my list, because
of Bob Serva and his interaction on this board (i.e. Thanksgiving 2002 thread), the customer service (Phil), and their interest in making things right and the customer happy. The write up in HANDGUNS 2004 (RZ-10) didn't hurt either.
Opinions on making this a fun 1911 Xmas are greatly appreciated.
Spend $1000 for me:D
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