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Ya'll were right and I was wrong!

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After reading many posts on the advantages of SureFire combat lights on this forum, my opinion was yeah right... it's still just a flashlight. Well, let me just say how mistaken I was.

I ordered a Z2 from Wilson Combat (59.95),and a spare reflector assembly (16.96) and it arrived today.

After unpacking it, I was struck by the quality of it's construction, and by the fact I did'nt have to run out and by batteries for it, as it came with them installed.

After promptly blinding myself by trying to see how bright it was, I took it outside. This thing cuts through the dark like a knife! Makes a Maglight look like the batteries are dead, even when they're new! (Also Wilsons' sent one of their catalogs along in the package)

I guess I'll have to listen to you guy's more often.

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I remember the first time I saw the Scorpion light from Streamlight. It was the same size as my AA Maglight. What a surprise when I turned it on!

-Electric Armadillo-

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Hey Les, are you familiar with the optional P61 lamp assy. for your light? It's even brighter, although battery life is cut to about 20 minutes run time.
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