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I have a lot of thinking time lately due to my wife had part of her lung removed two weeks ago today. When I can I sneak into the shop for 15 minutes at a time for my sanity.
Well the slide holder is a nice piece but I wasn't happy with the hold down screws, they suggest using brass between the two hold down socket head screws and the slide (which you should).
I changed that. One screw bears down on the disco rail, I hit my drawer and changed the screw for a socket swivel pad 5/16-18 set screw. Doesn't mar the slide. The other screw that bears on the top of the slide in the barrel area I used as is, but with a twist. The original screw was concave on it's end. I put a dab of grease and a lead split shot and turned the screw in. Held good and tight and the lead conformed to the slide.
Usually this time of year I'm fishing and the 1911 hobby is deep winter!
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