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Yee Haa! First Competitive Shoot! (Sorta)

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I had a lot of fun doing this, and wanted to tell you guys about it.

I went to visit my mom in Kentucky from 07/21 to 07/29, and toddled down to Ray's Shooting Range in Newburg (the ONLY indoor range in the greater Louisville area).

I ended up renting a Glock .40. They didn't have any 1911s to rent, and the only .45 they had was a Glock .36 - NO THANK YOU. I figured, "Oh well, shoot some holes, practice my drills, go home."

Anyway, there's a bunch of guys shooting a competition on the secondary range (it was a double indoor range), and unbeknownst to me, they're watching me plink away. After a few minutes, the NRA Instructor who's running their drills comes over and says that the men have taken a unanimous vote and want me to shoot in their competition.

I said, "Nuh-uh, no they don't" (thinking he was joking). He says, "No really - they really want you to come over." I look over, and all of the guys are making "come on" motions with their hands.

So I walk over, and it's basic: two steel poppers and three circular targets that you shoot at through cardboard "windows", one from regular height, one slightly lower than normal, and one from a crouch. I don't remember the distances but the furthest target was about 65 feet and the closest was 21 feet. Your gun sits loaded on a chair across the room, and when the instructor bellows, "GO!", you RUN across the room, pick up yer piece, and start firing. The poppers had 3 shots to drop; the circulars were three shots for best placement. If you did it right (and I did), you only had to reload to fire your last round at the last popper.

I'm somewhat self-possessed. I didn't run. I walked. I was wearing a tank top and a bunch of guys were watching, and I didn't care about time as much as accuracy (nor did I want to jiggle).

Now, before you say "Whoopty doo" and
let me tell you that I have never EVER (a) shot competitively in any fashion, (b) shot from a crouching position, (d) shot while moving from target to target, or (e) done a reload while shooting & moving.

The end result? Well, my time was atrocious (56 seconds or something like that), but the average score of the guys was 70-72, and I scored an 84. They all went crazy, whooping and hollering, like I'd won a $500 prize or something. Those Kentucky guys - what nice guys. Maybe we should transplant some here to California and "nice up" the local boys.

Anyway, it was the first time I'd ever done any "competitive" shooting, even though this was more or less informal and "in fun", and I wanted to tell you about it.

Hubby was less than thrilled to hear that I enjoyed the competition aspect so much; he's afraid that now I'll spend even MORE time at the range than I already do...

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Glad to hear your first competition experience went good. I've been shooting in some IDPA matches for a year and a half now and really enjoy the people and experiences.
Hi, KL. I think that you'll find that kind of "hospitality" at most places south of the M-D line.
Glad you enjoyed your time down here.

I used to get out to the Ontario, CA, area a lot at my last job. Did a bit of shooting at an indoor range in Riverside. Had relatives that lived in Corona.

BTW, if "hubby" isn't that excited about your accomplishments, maybe you ought to take him with you next time.

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Well done KL!!!!

Sounds like you had a blast. I hate it when you girls make us look bad - although I'm gettin' used to it - my wife is starting to shoot rather well......

PS - just curious how your ride-along went? Post it over in LEO if you want!
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hello kimber lady ,
good to know that there's a few more ladies out there who like to shoot
competitively.glad you had fun. now regarding us california folks, we're not bad
come on down to rahaauges (norco) and shoot with us, we have a few ladies shooting
here as well and we can be as hospitable as the folks in kentucky.its nice to see a
few flowers once in a while amonst all the thorns.I'm trying to get my wife to join me
but no luck. my ex-wife is a shooter and still pops by from time to time. hope to see
That is the best thing I have seen all week. You have brightened my day.
Now track down a home club and go!
Your hooked, now. The shooting bug has biten you. Seek out IDPA and USPSA clubs in your area. There's no cure, but you can scratch that itch.
Awlright young lady, it's time you came out and found what a buncha nice guys us Califronia shooters can be. If you're not meeting fellas at matches, you're meeting the wrong ones! Where do you live...there are lots of places to compete at home!


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Alleycat -

Oh, I'm not out to meet guys - happily married for 7+ years now - I was just commenting on how nice the KY boys are.

Actually, pretty much everyone in Kentucky is friendly - I'm used to SOUTHERN California, where they'll let you lay in the street if you're hit by a car (ok, I'm exaggerating, but this is not the friendliest state in the Union).

My dad lives up in Auburn, in Placer County, and the attitude there is much warmer than it is down here. I think So Cal is more cold because it's such a transient area.

I"m thinking about hitting up some of the IDPA and USPSA clubs, but it'll mean making my hubby watch the monster on the weekends (monster = 3 y.o., very active). He works during the week and I don't work at all, so I'm not so sure how well that will go over.

Shane -

will write about my ride-along soon. I just have to sit down and remember it all - although it was pretty uneventful.

Corruptisima republica plurimae leges
(The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws)
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Like Kidd said you should come out to Norco.

I believe there's one this Sunday. Me and Kiddb will be there.

Did you say you were from Simi? It may be quite a drive from there, took me about an hour to get there from Westweird, LA.

It's near the 91 and 71(?) interchange down by where LA, OC, San Bernadino and Riverside counties meet. If you go, make sure you say hi, and bring your husband, it's a lot of fun and he's really missing out! I went out and was hooked instantly. Now I spend more on ammo than I do on food (factory ammo), but not textbooks (poor college student).

If you want more info, go to www.raahauges.com or e-mail me or kidd.
Disclaimer I don't work for raahauges, just shoot there so I'm not advertising.

Jeff More
Irvine, PRC
All your AR-15 are belong to us!
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Hi KimberLady!!! And Everyone.

I was fortunate enough to be competing in the League that KimberLady spoke about. It was an Honor and a Pleasure to meet Her. She is quite a Lady.

She handled that range rental .40 Glock as if it were her own. I'll bet had she her Kimber her score would have been much higher than the respectable 85 that she shot.

Hi Kimberlady-- if you will find a club doing IDPA and attend a shoot with your husband, you may be surprised and find that you are not only welcome, they may be grateful for your attendance! Clubs in my area generally seem thrilled to have lady competitors. My wife and I shot IDPA yesterday-- they have seen her with me plenty-o-times, but she has not shot there before. They really kow-towed to her, she shot rather well (Glock 23) and was impressed by their courtesy and enthusiasm towards her, and it was just one big wow-fest. She really enjoyed it.

She shoots competition from time to time, but often it is just to please me. Yesterday she asked for it, insisted upon it, did well, and really had a great time, partially because the RO's made such a fuss, yes, but she enjoyed the shooting too, and did us both proud.

I would like her to shoot a 1911 since caliber and equipment wise it would be logistically easier, but she used the G yesterday because the Fobus holster for it is the only one in a 55-gallon drum-full that she could work with. IWB is out due to shape. I won a Heinie ladies' DOJ at the Single Stack, but even that puts the 1911 at an awkward angle. I gather you have a Kimber-- what do you use for a holster?

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If you're in Simi Valley, you should come up to Lake Piru for the IDPA matches.

1st sat of month is Steel Challenge
2nd sat of month is Compact
3rd sat is Glock (GSSF format)
4th sat is IDPA.

Really nice bunch of folks. Maybe 60-70 shooters for IDPA events with about a dozen ladies shooting and ROing. They really want to add more ladies to the roster. You'll find everyone very accomodating and encouraging to a beginner in competition. I would recommend coming to either IDPA or Glock matches to get started. The Glock match does not require drawing from holster or reloading on the clock. IDPA does.

Check out http://www.isishootists.com/isi_home.htm for info. The range and matches are run by Mike Dalton - a true class act.

PS The Steel Challenge is starting the 16th of Aug. Over $220,000 in cash and prizes!! Come up and see the hotshots.

PPS I have no interest in the operation up there other than I love going.
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Jim, is Wes Thompson still "guarding the entrance" at Piru? My partner had a little run-in with him at the 88 Steel Challenge and he kicked us out (we did not leave). It was a silly, nothing incident and he was just busting for a confrontation-- really ridiculous.
Yeah, sometimes he stands out there looking sorta annoyed. Haven't had any dealings with him though. Once as I was coming through he motioned me to slow down, but other than that I've never interacted with him.

As far as I know, on match days you don't have to stop and check in with him. There will be so many people up there for the Steel Challenge - competitors, media, staff, spectators - that I'd imagine that he won't be much involved.


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Congratulations on a job well done and thanks for the mental image. Besides, there is just something special about a lady who can handle a gun well. Take that as a compliment. My wife is a good shooter and we both feel that more women really should be involved in shooting. One of the best parts is that men and women can compete equally well.
You seem to be trying to give yourself a slight hard time over your performance.

What you should realize is that you have done more than 99% of the shooters in the world. Those are the ones who "just need a little more practice" before they try to compete (never happens), or use any of the hundred other excuses for watching TV all weekend instead of having a good time at the range.

What you did showed GUTS, as even a guy would be uncomfortable shooting his first match with strangers using a rented gun (most wouldn't do it), and you also had to deal with those "jiggle worries" in a group of men who you never met.

Be proud of yourself, thrilled with your performance/score, and get geared up for as much local competition as you can stand. Husbands need to bond with their kids, so you're doing your husband a favor by letting him stay home with the child/monster. It will also do wonders for your own sanity.
Originally posted by Ned Christiansen:
--snip-- I gather you have a Kimber-- what do you use for a holster? --end snip--
I haven't bought a holster yet, because I've yet to hear back on my CHL application and competitive shooting on even a semi-regular basis is a while away.

However, my instructor has me leaning toward a Fobus belt-slide holster. Hubby wants to use a strap-top holster, but I'd rather use tensioning instead. The problem with us women is that with a high-riding holster, you end up getting the "grip dig" into your ribs, since we have that curved waist thing. Instructor said that most people who carry CCW have a box full o' holsters, so don't spend a fortune on them, try 'em out in the store, etc. Right now I just need the holster for drawing and reholstering training, so I'll probably just get the $23 el-cheapo special.

Thanks everyone, for your words of encouragement. I'll probably avoid shooting matches for the time being, as I'm trying to put all of my energy into training at the range as well as the book I'm writing. After the book is done (or my training is up to par), I'll be picking up iaido (Japanese sword training) as well. However, I did have a great time shooting and I want to eventually get back to it.

Jimin - the only problem with a Glock match is that I really prefer the Kimber .45. I have a Glock 19 9mm, but I use it as a "backup" gun in my gun box. I've gotten so used to the 1911-style trigger that any gun with a "creep" (i.e., Glock and Smith style triggers) is kind of irritating. Shot a friend's S&W .40 and it seemed like forever before it finally fired. Same feeling with the Glock if I haven't shot it for a week or two. Guess I'm just spoiled...

Corruptisima republica plurimae leges
(The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws)
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