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Yet another FEG PJK-9HP 9mm question

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Based on info from some good folks on this site and because I've just always wanted one (but didn't get one because of hammer bite) I've decided to go ahead and get a BHP style pistol. Some of the BHP knock offs (FEG) are much less expesive than the original. First I want to confirm one thing.

1. Are they a good base gun for having some custom work done? (I'll probably have a set of Bo-mars and dovetail front sight put on and possibly a beavertail at a later date)

I would like to end up with something similar to this one. It's just awesome!

I figure with the money saved on the gun itself I can have the custom work and features I want for not much more than a standard Browning.

However, if the FEGs are crap to begin with I'd rather not modify a gun based on one.

I know this is almost the same thing JSP asked, and MuzzleBlast basically said the FEGs are the same as the BHP. I just want to check with anyone who has worked on these pistols or has had work done on one if it's a good basis for customizing.

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I think if I was going to put any significant amount of money into customization I would go ahead and get the FN/Browning, for no other reason than it seems silly to put a lot of money into customizing a $200 gun. Purely an irrational reason; I have no doubt that an FEG has the quality to be a good base for a custom piece, just not the name. I wouldn't put money into customizing a Norinco 1911 even though they are supposedly excellent, for the same reason.
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