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Today I took receipt of my new (to me) commander slide. Several weeks ago I posted on several bulletin boards that I was in the market for a used commander slide. A gentleman from the east coast who had an electroless nickel, Colt combat commander slide with all internals for $260 contacted me, and after several question and answer questions, I sent him an m. o. last week.
When I opened the box, I found not only the slide with all internals, but also a stainless slide stop, and a two-piece Ed Brown full length guide rod, in the package with the allen wrench. The slide is, well, it’s used. Not abused, but it is showing quite a few scuffmarks and some scratches, what I would expect from general wear. The roll marks on the right side read “COLT’S COMBAT COMMANDER MODEL”, the left side reads “COMBAT COMMANDER” in two lines, followed by a large “COLT”, then “AUTOMATIC CALIBER 45” in two lines, followed by the rampant colt. Slide serrations are vertical, and the sights are reminiscent of the ones my issue 45 had when I first got into the military, other than they are nickel. The breech face looks good. The ejection port is a little odd, in that the bottom edge is noticeably lower at the rear – my calipers read 0.468 at the rear, versus 0.480 at the front.
The barrel hood is stamped “COLT .45 AUTO” and is polished. It looks good, plenty of rifling left, needs to be cleaned. The bushing and recoil spring plug appear to be stainless. The firing pin stop is nickeled, but the finish is flaking off in three spots, all hidden by the frame when it is in place. The firing pin is straight, looks good. The extractor is nickeled, but once again, it is flaking in a few places.
I’m not familiar with Colt’s method of marking their slides, anyone have an idea when this was made? Did Colt do the electroless nickel finish, or did someone else do it? And what’s up with that ejection port? I’m not unhappy with the slide, and will be using it, but I’m curious. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?…
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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