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I think the review as you reported in the Swedish magazine is un-bias and very accurate.

In my book "average" means a grade of C. My P14Lim came from the factory with loose and mis-aligned sights (front and rear), a total (extreme right to extreme left) slide to frame looseness of .032" (rattles with a flick of the wrist), when fully lock'd up and one presses on the barrel hood it moves up and down .012" indicating in adequate barrel fitting. The barrel bushing also rattled when installed in the slide.
The finish had tiny bubbles and the trigger measured almost 6 lbs.

Para's "gunsmiths", after seeing this piece of cast steel, agreed that it was an accurate and satisfactory representation of the quality of their product.

If "average" is the median of two extremes, Para's QC dept. must be using Jennings and Charles Daily as their bookends.

My next 1911 will be of the B+ grade.
This amounts to a couple hundred dollars over what I paid for the Limited.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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