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Just when I get comfortable w/ a load for my Government w/ Kart NM:
Zero 230 JHP
8.5 grains - AA #5
1.21" OAL

I buy a 2nd (LWT Commander XSE / factory BBL) pistol, & end up w/ 1000 rounds of Zero 185 JHP's.

I note that SAAMI specs call for 1.19" - 1.275" OAL, w/ out specific regard to bullet style, weight, or length.

Additionally, I note that the Zero bullet OAL's are as follows:
185 JHP - .538"
230 JHP - .638"

I intend to load these 185's w/ a fast VV N320 (5.8 grn to 6.5 grn in increments) , & a slower AA #5 (9.2 grn to 10.2 grn in increments).

Bearing in mind that the maximum charge for the 185's is greater then for the 230's, and that the bullet OAL is .1" less for the 185's, then for the 230's, should I load the 185's to 1.1" - 1.12"?

My two biggest concerns w/ a shorter OAL, are possible accuracy degradation, and / or OVER PRESSURE issues.

Guess this is just part of the FUN of re-loading :), AAARGH!

Any constructive comments based on experience (general or specific) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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General Observation

Load them to the longest OAL that will fit & function through your magazines and feed reliably in your pistol. Trial & error. :)

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