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Morning Everyone!

So I am a traditionalist and out of my entire collection of 70 pistols only 2 have optics....
1. I cannot zero the thing
2. I cannot find the dag on red dot
3. Ive been using my irons so long it feels unnatural.

My few questions are.....

1. How do you properly zero your red dot (yes ive read other threads still cannot master)
2. Is your dot suppossed to sit dead on your front sight?
3. Does the red dot actually improve your aim enough to warrant spending $300-$500 on a red dot.

thank you
To the OP:
1. Use a target that will show your misses.
Shoot enough rounds to see where you hit.
A co-witness to your front sight may or may not be correct.
3. Depends on you, your vision, and your ability to see the dot and and the target.
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